Road Cycling Holidays

Empty Roads.

Spectacular scenery.

Fantastic traditional cuisine.


We offer road cycling holidays in Portugal, from the lush mountains of the North, the vineyards of the centre and the orange groves of the South. Whichever you choose, you won’t be disappointed – we will give you 5-star service with staff as passionate as you.
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Volta ao Algarve Road Cycling Holiday


3rd – 10th MAY 2021

Road Cycling Holiday Portugal

For the fans. Enjoy a road cycling holiday in the Algarve alongside your favourite world tour heros! Tackle the famous climbs of Foia and Malhão and soak up the buzz and atmosphere as the Volta ao Algarve race flies past each day.


Authentic Algarve Road Cycling Holiday

11th – 18st APRIL 2021

26th SEPT – 3rd OCTOBER 2021

Road Cycling Holiday Portugal

For the roadies. An unforgettable week of road riding in the Algarve. Not just bikes – this cycling holiday is also about enjoying the Portuguese culture, gastronomy and incredible landscapes too!


738km North to South N2 Cycling Tour

16th – 23rd MAY 2021

12th SEPT – 19th SEPT 2021

Road Cycling Holiday Portugal

For the challenge-seekers. A stunning road cycling holiday with a goal to achieve! Put your cycling legs to the test during this 6-day North to South Challenge. A total of 738km, along Europes longest road – the N2.